The purpose of this service is to assess the degree to which the airline or maintenance organisation has implemented the Quality and Safety related Standards and Recommended Practices as required by the applicable Civil Aviation Requirements of the country of registration. The assessment will mainly cover Flight & Ground Operations, Quality & Safety Management, Engineering, Maintenance, Cargo Handling, Dangerous Goods, and related training.
This service may be offered to each or both of the interested parties, being the airline and / or maintenance organisation at the one hand and the Aviation Authority at the other hand.
The Quality and Safety Assessment program will focus on the assurance of a safe operation and verifies the compliance with the operational and maintenance requirements as well as the verification of a continued validation of the approval certificates.

In order to categorize the level of safety a risk assessment matrix according IATA standards (see below) will be used as to identify weak operational areas.




Severity Category    
Category I1123
Category II1234
Category III2345
Category IV3455
  1. Operation must cease immediately pending elimination and/or reduction of risk.
  2. Action to eliminate or reduce risk of damage must be planned within 7 days and action implemented within agreed period.
  3. Action to eliminate or reduce risk of damage must be taken within reasonable time.
  4. Action to eliminate or reduce risk of damage must be taken. It is acceptable to assess any further measures as not being reasonably practicable in which case no further action is required.
  5. Minimal risk, no action required. 

The Quality and Safety Assessment will be reported in a descriptive manner. Attached to this Quality and Safety Assessment Compliance Report one will find the audit checklists used. The audit checklist contains besides the level finding according the risk assessment matrix a statement for corrective actions as well as a recommendation thereto.