AVIATION CONSULTANCY HOLLAND assists the airline industry with Auditing, customized to particular needs.

The relevant aviation requirements requires Operators and/or Maintenance Organisations to establish  a Quality Assurance Program in order to provide confidence that all Flight & Ground Operations and/or Maintenance activities are conducted in accordance with the applicable requirements, standards and operational procedures. The need for (internal) audits by qualified auditors may causes serious problems if organisations are not able to live-up to this requirement. That is why AVIATION CONSULTANCY HOLLAND provides dedicated Audit Services in order to relief this burden for organizations with a limited staff of Quality Assurance employees.

The Quality System Audit is a review for compliance of the documented system of an organisation with the applicable standards, like the Air Operators (EU-OPS) or Approved Maintenance Organisations (EASA Part-145). Other standards for compliance audits are the ISO 9001:2008 or SAE AS9100 standards.

The Station Audit will check the contents of the contracted services as normally settled by means of the Ground Handling agreement. Compliance of the agreed services with the company handling procedures will be verified.

The Lease or Code Share  Audit is a thorough compliance verification of an operator's flight operation and maintenance management in order to ensure that the safety standards are equivalent with the relevant requirements of the lessee. The Lease or Code Share Audit will normally focus on the following areas of interest : Documentation and Organisation, Flight Operations, Ground Handling, Mass & Balance, Maintenance System, Training & Licensing, Crew Duty & Rest Time Limitations, Quality System and Quality Assurance Program.

The Contracted Maintenance Audit will review the contents of the Operator's Maintenance Contract - and the established procedures thereof - with the requirements as referenced by the requirements of EASA's Part-M. This audit will be conducted together with a compliance verification at the Maintenance provider.

The Supplier Audit will check the Eligibility, Quality, Identification and Conformity with the airworthiness standards of the components and parts as delivered by your distributor or supplier. Service levels as agreed will be verified as well as the chain dependency in order to assess joint responsibilities. Component Repair shops can be taken into account as well.


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