AVIATION CONSULTANCY HOLLAND has an extensive experience in the field of Maintenance Management and is able to assist your company with all aspects as to set-up, continue or improve your business.

Whatever your need in the field of Maintenance Management may be we are able to find a solution.


The following is an example of the services we recently offered for the start-up of an airline.

  • Selection of maintenance provider including review and negotiation of maintenance service contract

  • Selection and obtainment of ground equipment, tools, etc. for the line maintenance activities

  • Selection and obtainment of the initial provisioning of parts, components, etc. including arrangements within a component pool agreement

  • Establishment of the airline's technical department including hiring of personnel

  • Arrangement of the required Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME)

  • Arrangement of Joint Procedure Manual's with the different suppliers.

  • Check of the contents of the aircraft lease agreements

  • Establishment of the maintenance budget